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Critical Cleaning


Vapor Degreasing machines haven’t changed much in decades, but the chemicals that go into them definitely have.

Solvent technology has pushed industries’ capabilities to meet better environmental practices, safer workplace standards, lower costs per part, and more consistent repeatability.

Whether it’s Solvon, Flo, Versatill, or Cosolv, The Solvents Company has a consistent record for pushing performance alongside environmental and safety practices. This enhances manufacturing capabilities in a wide variety of industries.

Our broad range of non-flammable solvents and specialty fluids feature the following characteristics:

  • Zero ozone depletion potential (ODP)
  • Non-flammable and safe to use
  • Excellent solvency for a variety of contaminants
  • Among the widest range of substrate compatibility
  • Highest performance cleaning even in the most complex designs
  • No additional drying step required

Find a drop-in replacement for HCFC-225, Trichloroethylene (TCE), n-Propyl Bromide (nPB), chlorinated solvents, Vertrell, or any other fluid.

Versatill, Flo, Cosolv, and Solvon have been used to clean and enhance semiconductors, electronics, aerospace, automotive parts, high-end consumer goods, medical devices, industrial machines, optics, and defense.

Vapor Degreasing

Critical cleaning and precision cleaning are based on specifications of the level of cleanliness.

Sometimes simple parts need to be virtually contaminant free before they undergo a second step, such as coating or plating. Other times it’s complex parts with tiny crevices and complex geometries that have to be cleaned and flushed free of soils.

Fortunately, vapor degreasing handles both tasks equally well. They can handle both simple or complex parts. How clean they come out is determined by the fluid used.

The Solvents Company’s porfolio of vapor degreasing fluids have low viscosity, low surface tension, great wetting, and high density to dissolve, clean, and flush out contaminants and particles. What’s more is that variants from each collection can be matched to the specific needs of a cleaning operation.

  • Oils, Greases, and Wax Removal
  • Defluxing
  • Particulate and Ionic Removal
  • Optics Cleaning