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Cold Cleaning


Cold cleaning processes require a solvent that is user friendly at room temperature. Heat helps things dissolve, so a specialty fluid with better solvency properties make the job much easier when higher temperatures aren’t involved.

The best solvents like Versatill, Flo, and Cosolv will not only clean a wide range of soils. They will also help meet higher  environmental standards and better worker safety.

Effectively remove grease, wax, and impurities without the need for higher working temperatures.

Cold cleaning setups vary much more in terms of hardware than critical cleaning vapor degreaser processes. Some cold cleaning operations use a vat for immersion or manually spraying the parts and then follow up with brushing. This provides the mechanical action needed to scrub some soils off of surfaces. Other operations have parts washers that continually filter and pump the solvent in a loop and some use ultrasonic agitation in an immersion bath to provide mechanical action. 

No matter the setup you use, the benefits of Versatill, Flo, and Cosolv should be seriously considered.

When cold cleaning became the popular alternative to vapor degreasing, the solvents used in vapor degreasers had boiling points of 185°-250°F. So for many users, using vapor degreasers with that old generation of solvents was not an option.

Modern fluids like The Solvents Company’s porfolio are so effective at room temperature that even if you choose not to consider using a vapor degreaser, you should still use these newer solvents in your existing cold-cleaning process. Key properties that give them their performance include:

  • Very low viscosity to creep into small gaps
  • Low surface tension to help spread across surface and wash smaller particulates
  • High density gives it more physical cleaning strength
  • High solvency with a broad range of contaminants dissolved
  • High exposure limits that make them safer to work with