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Aerosol Spray

Portable degreasing that speeds up maintenance

In maintenance & repair operations, the most practical solution is a portable workhorse that’s designed to work fast.

Repairs and downtime can affect backlog and costs in unpredictable ways. It’s a good thing Ultra Degreaser and Power Contact Cleaner can always be depended on to get things back up and running.

There’s an endless sea of commodity degreasers and cleaners that claim to do everything your process may require. 

When they’re actually put to use, they don’t quite live up to their claims. Either they work poorly or take a long time to do the job. 

For every single product The Solvents Company makes, the mission is to improve cleaning, compliance, and cost. Our aerosol line of MRO degreasers, Electrical cleaners, and other specialty sprays take that mission on.

Try it today and see how much easier the job could be.