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Our experts formulate solutions that ensure compatibility, performance, compliance with regulators, while also keeping costs practical. Find your application and compare recommended products.

Your process is designed to make your product great.
Our products are designed to make your process great.

Critical Cleaning

Critical cleaning is the toughest cleaning application. It’s named this way because the cleanliness of the material is mission-critical.

The expectation for a cleaning product in this application is the highest in the industry. 

The best results for critical cleaning have always come from a solvent-based process, almost always in a vapor degreaser. The solvent is boiled and vaporized to allow it to diffuse through the tiniest gaps, where it condenses back to liquid and flushes soils out. 

Parts Washers & Cold Cleaning

Cold cleaning applications that are solvent-based provide incredible results from the simplest procedures.

A solvent can be pumped continuously through a looped parts washer system, applied by hand wipes, sprayed, or brushed. The Solvents Company’s non-flammable solvents are designed to make these processes quicker, easier, safer, while reducing total costs.

Aerosol Spray

In maintenance & repair operations, the most practical solution is a portable workhorse that’s designed to work fast.

There’s an endless sea of commodity degreasers and cleaners that claim to do everything your process may require. But when they’re actually put to use, they don’t quite live up to their claims or they take a while to do the job. 

The Solvents Company’s MRO degreasers and electrical cleaners are formulated to give the top performance on the market.


Solvent Cleaning and Vapor Degreasing

Carrier Solvent and Deposition

Aerosol Cleaning

Heat Transfer