• Highest Solvency in class
  • Low Surface Tension
  • Design for Heavy Cleaning
  • Maintenance-free with Stable Composition
  • Environmentally sound, Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
  • Faster Cycle Times, Low Energy Use

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Versatill® QPi is an aggressive cleaner with azeotropic properties, aimed at degreasing and cleaning metal and ceramic surface, and can be utilized in existing vapor degreasing equipment wherever ionic residue is present. It is an excellent replacement for many solvents, including CFCs, PFCs, HFEs, HCFCs (HCFC-141b, HCFC-225) and aqueous cleaners, in terms of performance and cost.

  • Ideal for immersion cleaning and with existing vapor degreaser processes
  • Outstanding performance; highest solvency in its class and low surface tension
  • Designed for cleaning heavy greases, oils, waxes, silicones and non-polar contaminants with high soils loading capacity
  • Stable composition; additive and maintenance-free use in vapor degreaser
  • Non-flammable and low in odor and toxicity for an excellent safety profile
  • Environmentally Sound – GWP < 23 and ZERO Ozone Depletion Potential
  • Replacement for nPB, TCE, ozone-depleting HCFC and other inefficient, harmful HFC
  • Faster cycle times, fast drying, lower energy use

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