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Industrial and Commercial Solvents for Cleaning Applications

Solving Many Industries’ Cleaning Challenges

Our specialty precision cleaning solvents are used in all industries in which products and assemblies require cleaning, and the use of solvents is subject to certain rules and regulations, whether self-imposed or prescribed by insurance or government directives. While customers can choose from an array of industrial degreaser solvents, we are a specialty solvent supplier with a comprehensive portfolio of safe, effective and forward-looking, environmentally responsive cleaning products that meet the needs of virtually any application.

Solvents Company offers:

  • Aerosols for customers in the maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) sector
  • Vapor degreasers for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and other established manufacturers
  • Cold cleaning industrial solvents for smaller manufacturers, those using such cleaners sporadically and/or those who lack the equipment for other cleaning processes

Are you looking for a powerful product to precisely clean metal components, automotive or aerospace parts, military equipment, or the materials used in heavy machinery and vehicles? Do you hand-wash, use dedicated cleaning equipment or spray clean parts as the need arises? Are you involved in parts washing, surface cleaning, or dissolving paints and adhesives? Regardless of the process and material, Solvents Company is the specialty solvent manufacturer that has the right product for every application.