Brilliant Chemistry Makes the Job Easier

Knowledge and Expertise in a Range of Industries

Solvents Company has a distinctive portfolio of products designed to improve many industries’ processes. From the start, we have been driven by our customers’ needs to create unique formulations that meet unique demands. We learn what our customers require to help them improve, and we continually apply this knowledge to invent and manufacture solvents that are more effective, safer and better for the environment.

We know the current federal and state regulations regarding solvents, and we keep abreast of proposals for new requirements as well as changes in existing ones. We have spent decades working with some of the largest global companies to develop products that meet exacting guidelines while helping to push these industries forward. Our customers depend on our specialty fluids to meet the strictest requirements in their ever-evolving industries.  

In addition to the specific industries listed above, our products are used in virtually all sectors in which cleaning is important, especially those sectors that have enacted rules and regulations that govern solvent use. Whether an industry’s requirements are self-imposed or established by insurance companies or governmental entities, there is a Solvents Company product that meets the regulations as well as your specific cleaning needs now and well into the future.