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Non-Flammable Solvents

Solvents Company is a leader in research, design and formulation of proprietary non-flammable solvents for industry. With a specialized product line featuring Fluorinated, Chlorinated, Brominated, Oxygenated Hydrocarbon and Hydro-silicon solvents, our patented formulations are uniquely qualified to clean, degrease, deposit coatings and transfer heat from the most rugged to the most delicate surfaces.


and HydroFluoroEther
Solvents System


Solvents System


and HydroFluoroCarbon
Solvents System


Oxygenated HydroCarbon
Solvents System

Best Results with Better Chemistry

Regulation Compliance and Innovation

Stay ahead of your competitors by staying ahead of environmental regulations. Solvent Company has an intimate knowledge of the chemistry and works to stay ahead of these regulations so that you can focus on your business.

Chemistry Customized for You

Are you using the right formula for optimal results? Solvents Company’s experts can help you yield the best results in whatever field you need your solvents to succeed.

Yield More Than Just Results

Solvent Company’s formulations are better functioning, so you can save on every use, longer lasting so you won’t need to order as often, and better priced than the competition. It’s our triple threat model. 

Improving Your Process and Efficiency

When your cleaning is better, your equipment functions improve. When your deposition is even, you can trust your quality. When your circuits flow, there’s no stopping your potential.