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Surface treatment done right the first time around

Proper cleaning and defluxing of circuitry surfaces is essential to producing reliable assemblies. Cleaned with the right solvent technology to reduce rework, production time, and free up resources.

Our electronics and avionics cleaners perform as spray, ultrasonic, and manual defluxers, stencil and misprint cleaners, and vapor degreasers.

Enhanced reliability is the continuous goal in the semiconductor and electronics industries. Cleaning is a mission-critical part of achieving this goal.

To achieve better cleaning results, many techniques have been developed. They fall into one of three ways in which they’re put into use:

  • In-line cleaning, where assemblies are cleaned continuously on a conveyor system.
  • Batch cleaning, where batches of parts are cleaned together in cycles.
  • Manual cleaning of individual parts and assemblies.

The cleaning methods themselves may be any one of or a combination of the following:

  • Immersion defluxing
  • Ultrasonic defluxing
  • Vapor degreasing
  • Spray-in-air cleaning
  • Brush cleaning
  • Centrifugal cleaning

Each method has it’s own strengths and purposes.

But no matter the method or how it’s put into use, The Solvents Company’s portfolio of products will enhance the results.

Our products are put into use across America, Europe, and APAC by manufacturers of avionics, microelectronics, semiconductors, batteries, and high reliability electronics. In every case, the testing results speak for themselves.


Low GWP solvents offer industry-leading performance, sustainability, safety, and cost.


High-performance fluorinated fluids commonly used on electronics for aerospace and demanding environments.

Best Results with Better Chemistry

Regulation Compliance and Innovation

Stay ahead of your competitors by staying ahead of environmental regulations. Solvent Company has an intimate knowledge of the chemistry and works to stay ahead of these regulations so that you can focus on your business.

Chemistry Customized for You

Are you using the right formula for optimal results? Solvents Company’s experts can help you yield the best results in whatever field you need your solvents to succeed.

Yield More Than Just Results

Solvent Company’s formulations are better functioning, so you can save on every use, longer lasting so you won’t need to order as often, and better priced than the competition. It’s our triple threat model. 

Improving Your Process and Efficiency

When your cleaning is better, your equipment functions improve. When your deposition is even, you can trust your quality. When your circuits flow, there’s no stopping your potential.