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Industries Served


An industry’s needs change all the time. The Solvents Company drives development of the next solution before those needs change. This eases the adoption of new processes and reduces uncertainty. 

Never before have global demands changed as rapidly. During this pandemic period The Solvents Company's ability to meet those changing needs has been a lifeline for customers from a range of industries.


Specialized solutions to support sustainable manufacturing initiatives and provide advanced performance to cutting edge processes.


The Solvents Company excels at meeting the challenging demands of complex materials, composite soils, and strict specifications for the electronics industry.

Aerospace & Defense

When advanced performance is standard practice, The Solvents Company’s reliable specialty fluids prove to be an asset to improving results.

Maintenance & Repair

Market-leading performance cleaners for critical operations that ensure consistent results with little downtime.

Applied Science For A Professional Finish


With the widest range of Non-Flammable solvents, Solvents Company has a formulation for most applications. Our solvents are designed for the toughest jobs on the hardest metals and the most delicate applications on electronics and elastomers, for cleaning, deposition, heat transfers, and more. 


Get the results you require with the right solvent for you. A clean circuit board, consistent deposition, or properly functioning equipment is easily attainable when matched with the appropriate-strength solvent. 


Strong, compatible, and environmentally friendly, our wide range of solvents have virtually endless application potential. And if you do run into any obstacles, one of our experts will be able to assist with and customize a formulation for your needs for any industry and required precision.