Cold Cleaning

Cold Cleaning Solvents for Critical and Precision Applications

Parts Washing and Cold Cleaning Degreasers

Cold cleaning processes require parts washing solvents that are user-friendly at room temperature. Solvents Company’s cold cleaning formulations effectively remove grease, wax and other impurities without the need for higher working temperatures. The performance of the state-of-the-art fluids in our portfolio at room temperature makes them the ideal specialty fluids for many cold cleaning/immersion processes.

Key properties that ensure the effectiveness of our non-flammable parts cleaners include:

  • Very low viscosity allows the solvent to creep into small gaps.
  • Low surface tension helps spread the solvent across the surface so it can wash smaller particulates.
  • High density provides greater physical cleaning strength.
  • High solvency dissolves a broad range of contaminants.
  • High exposure limits make our solvents safer.

Why Our Customers Choose Solvents Company

As a leader in the solvents industry, we hold multiple patents that have driven the development of many unrivaled products in the marketplace. Solvents Company is able to offer a variety of solvents based on different molecules and formulations, meaning that we have the products our customers need to meet their unique applications, materials and equipment.

Compared with critical cleaning vapor degreaser processes, cold cleaning setups vary more in terms of hardware. Some cold cleaning operations require a vat for immersion, or the manual spraying of parts followed by brushing, which provides the mechanical action needed to scrub some soils off surfaces. Other operations have parts washers that continually filter and pump the solvent in a loop, and some use ultrasonic agitation in an immersion bath to provide mechanical action. Our parts washing solvents are fully compatible with a variety of setups to meet your specific needs.

Products for Parts Washing and Cold Cleaning