Patented Formulations for Better Precision

Our Knowledge, Expertise and Versatility

Certain solvents work with a wide array of materials but not in all applications; others work in a variety of applications but not with all materials. Solvents Company meets these challenges by offering specialty fluids with a wide range of characteristics, compatibility, solubility and formulations, ensuring that customers find the solvents they need for their unique applications and particular materials.

Our chemists formulate precision cleaning solvents that ensure compatibility, performance and compliance with regulations, while keeping costs competitive in the marketplace. Click an application above to explore recommended products. Solvents Company is happy to share our knowledge and help our customers select the solvents that work best for their products or the materials they manufacture or maintain.

Why Choose Solvents Company Products?

Your process is designed to make your product great. Our products are designed to make your process great. Regardless of the cleaning process, our customers choose our specialty fluids because of their numerous and important advantages:

  • No Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP)
  • Lowest Global Warming Potential (GWP)
  • Safer for users
  • Better for the planet
  • No accumulation in the environment
  • Higher boiling point for less evaporation and better cleaning