3M Novec Solvents Replacements

Solvents Company tested and trusted fluids stand as exceptional 3M Novec replacements and are readily available for global shipping.

Why are you here?

Because you currently use Novec for your cleaning operation and 3M announced the discontinuation as of Novec Specialty Fluids.

Why is 3M discontinuing Novec Fluids

Novec Specialty Fluids are now defined by regulators as PFAS (Per/polyFluoroAlkyl substance) or more commonly referred to as Forever Chemicals with all its obligations and liabilities.

What should you do?

  • Move away from Novec Specialty Fluids and learn from what 3M says and does. You should specifically stay away from any offering of the same blends and molecules. 3M Novec patents expired so anyone can produce identical formulations. Why should you bear the liability for the same blends that 3M is leaving behind?
  • Consider using Versatill® products
3M Novec Discontinued Solvent Solvents Company Primary Replacement Solvents Company Alternate
3M Novec 71DA VERSATILL® LCa  
3M Novec 71D90 VERSATILL® T12  

3M Novec Replacements Available for Immediate Shipping Worldwide

Whatever 3M solvent you need to replace, we have a solution for you. Find your products below.

3M’s recent announcement of the discontinuation of the Novec Specialty Fluid product line has left many searching for replacement solvents. Simply choosing one of our competitors’ products because of its identical formulation is not a lasting solution. The Novec phaseout can be an opportunity to find your drop-in improvement.

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Our Versatill products offer the highest quality performance among market leaders, with the bonus of an improved environmental and safety profile, and efficiency. Still in the early years of the patent lifespace, our unique Versatill fluids stand out among Novec duplicates, ensuring quality, longevity and personalized support for years to come.

There is a More Perfectly Clean

Every industry has reached new heights through modern innovations, and so has precision cleaning. 3M’s introduction of Novec broke new ground, but that was 30 years ago and their patents have since expired.  In recent years imitators have flooded the market, diverting attention from industry innovators and new generations of intelligent fluids. Our competitors sell you Novec drop-in replacements when you should be using the phaseout as an opportunity to update and upgrade with a drop-in improvement. Versatill fluids offer unique, patented cleaning solutions that match and exceed Novec products and Novec replacements in performance, safety, environmental impact, cost and efficiency.

The Long-Term Solution for you and the environment.

Discontinuing Novec Specialty Fluids was a calculated decision by the 3M, and part of the wider announcement that it would be exiting the ‘Forever Chemicals’ industry. The decision by one of the nation’s leading manufacturers to divest from a major source of revenue, points to the great risks and liabilities tied to staying in PFAS production and usage. With growing regulations, it is only a matter of time before PFAS-qualifying formulations are categorically phased out. The long-term, smart solution is reducing your PFAS footprint and moving towards PFAS-free.  Versatill’s patented formulations have all the lasting power of high-quality intelligent fluids without the same lasting effects.

Smooth Transition with Comprehensive Support

Avoid the stress and impact on your manufacturing and maintenance. Start your transition before Novec supplies dwindle. Solvents Company’s personalized expert service, fast shipping and uninterrupted supply is at your service.

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