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Solvents Company provides you with the complete product: patented unique formulations that improve your efficiency and workflow, reduce your costs and environmental footprint, and indicate your dedication to the safety and health of your employees, customers and neighbors.

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Green Chemistry Is Here

Solvents Company believes strongly that solvent cleaning power is compatible with workers’ health and safety and the preservation of the environment. That’s why we developed eco-friendly products that are highly effective at cleaning and safer for people and the planet. 

Solvents Company is launching a future that no longer requires balancing environmental and safety impacts against products’ cleaning strengths. Our proprietary formulations are safe, environmentally friendly and meet even the most challenging industrial cleaning needs.

38 Years

A Specialty Solvent Provider

Solvents Company has spent the last 38 years researching, developing, manufacturing and refining non-flammable solutions. Through close collaboration with our customers, we create patented and unique formulations that serve their needs while offering the cost-effective, compliant and clean solutions their businesses deserve. Never content to rest on our laurels, we are continually focused on improving our products and pioneering new products as the future unfolds. 

Solvents Company Has the Solution

Solvents Company leverages decades of experience in non-flammable solvents, industrial degreasers and high-end critical cleaning applications for a range of industries. As an independent R&D house, our unique strength comes from our ability to seek out advanced performance materials without being limited to what one manufacturing partner may be able to offer. We are the partner you can trust for specialty fluids.

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