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Change is Fluid

The Solvents Company creates specialty fluids that meet the strictest needs in ever-evolving industries.

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Our specialty solvents do the simple task of taking one thing and putting it in another place. It's the conditions that they work under that make them stand out. Remove Contaminants · Deposit Coatings · Transfer Heat

Critical Cleaning

Parts Washing & Cold Cleaning

Aerosol Cleaning

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Our Solvents

Strong, compatible, and environmentally friendly, our wide range solvents and degreasers have a virtually endless application potential

With the widest range of Non-Flammable solvents, Solvents Company has formulations for any application you desire. Our solvents are designed for the toughest jobs on the hardest metals and the most delicate applications on electronics and elastomers, for cleaning, deposition, heat transfers, and beyond. 

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